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6 Weeks

Coaching & Healing


Are you ready to start living the life

you always knew was possible? 

Do you need a big JUMP-START in your life?

Get the keys to unlock your potential and move from where you are, to where you want to be FASTER, now! 

It’s time to transform your past and heal your inner child so you can live FREE from past hurts, pains, traumas, limiting beliefs or whatever’s in your way!

LIVING FREE starts here--NOW--no matter what difficulties you’ve experienced, or what healing modalities you’ve tried in the past.

If you LONG to get to the root of what’s truly in the way of your healing...if you find yourself SEARCHING for lasting change…

...If you yearn to free your inner child and experience more clarity, fulfilling relationships, increased intuition, more abundance flow, deeper connection to the Divine/God… 

...then you have come to the right place!

"Jenny, the work you are doing is truly transformational and would beneficial to everyone, who are committed on the healing journey.”

~Vlad, USA

In 6 weeks you can have the big jump-start to breakthrough to your own healing potential, experience what's possible for you--dissolving and transforming what's in the way of you living life FASTER.

Together we will tap into your inner GPS, realigning you to Creator’s perspective “prosperity living.”

I can show you how to heal your past, and free your wounded self, so you can unlock your potential and live a life you love, faster than you ever thought possible.

I have good News for you!

Join me in my  6 Weeks

Coaching & Healing Intensive, designed to give you

a big JUMP-START in your life that you deserve.




You’ve tried many other healing treatments, both conventional and unconventional but still not where you know you can be.




You notice that you repeat the same sabotaging patterns--the kinds of relationship and financial patterns similar to your mom’s or dad’s?


You feel easily hurt or triggered by those around you--such as family, coworkers, etc--even when you try hard not to be?


You often wonder if your inner child is still deeply wounded, unable to be free, happy and loved.

You feel like you are missing out on amazing life opportunities, like having meaningful relationships fulfilling career?

You’re often frustrated by your blocks, insecurities and inadequacies that keep you from living the life you’ve dreamed of?

​I’m Jenny Ngo,

Transformational Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach and International Speaker. I know what you are going through--and it’s never too late! I too struggled to heal parts of myself that were keeping me from realizing my full potential. 


For years I searched and studied, looking for a fast effective way to heal that really worked. I was frustrated from trying method after healing method, but never achieving the level of breakthrough I knew was possible.
Then, just when it seemed that it would never happen--that it was too hard, too late, too beyond my reach--like a computer download, everything came together. I was shown a quick and effective way to get from point A--which is wherever you are now, to point B—which is where you Dare To Live Your Dream. 

With the help of my God Team, I was given a map of “Prosperity Living” key essentials that, when put into action, lead to healing the deeply ingrained patterns that prevent lasting, positive change. And now I want to share what I’ve learned, with YOU 💗

We all deserve to become the best versions of ourselves!

I created my 6 Weeks Coaching & Healing Intensive because I don’t want anyone giving up on their dreams... Whether it’s unresolved issues from the past, or limiting blocks, I want to give you the guidance I didn’t have.

The kind of guidance and support that will accelerate your healing and give you the healing tools to heal to the root of your pains, past hurts, traumas, limiting beliefs and start to free your wounded self.

Just like a living GPS, I can help you map, track, heal

and feel your way to transformation

If you feel like these kinds of things are holding you back:






You’re keep repeating the same old limiting patterns and beliefs

You feel like the process of healing takes too long.

You find it difficult to forgive yourself and others.

It’s hard to heal your past hurts, pains, traumas and free your wounded self.

You don’t know how to move forward because you don’t have the proper support, guidance and healing.

Here’s what’s possible when we
work together:












Heal Your Wounded Self: Dissolve Past Hurts, Pains And Traumas
Stop Sabotaging Habits And Limiting Beliefs 
Reduce And Eliminate Pain And Achieve Better Health
Gain Confidence And Get Your Creative Mojo Back
Have More Money And Abundance Flow
Forgive Yourself And Others
Have Supportive, Loving And Fulfilling Relationships
Transform Challenges Into Possibilities
Strengthen Intuition And Have Greater Clarity And Purpose
Have Faith And Trust In God/Source
Discover Your Gifts And Talents

WOW! My before and after transformation... priceless. Now...I feel abundant. Trust my intuition, my relationships with my husband & kids improved. Added $1,000 extra income and got 3% raise.

“Where I am now and where I was ~8 weeks ago, before Jenny’s Dare to Live Your Dream Coaching & Healing Intensive, is a huge night and day difference. I wanted to get be happy and really get unstuck from all that I was going through for the past several years. I've tried many healing work and programs, but there was this big gap from where I am to where I can be. I took the leap of faith to join.

Now I’m really, really happy, more positive than ever before and trusting life…everything is well.  I don’t go into the fear “terrifying” & OMG mode especially around finances. Now, I don’t really worry about money and
I feel abundant.

I trust my intuition/inner guidance, feeling confident and really good about myself! I’m no longer angry about my husband and my husband also changed as the result. He’s more calmer, appreciative and respecting me. My relationships with my children also improved—no arguments—they are being more appreciative and caring towards me. WOW, never imagined this could be possible for me—at this level.


And while in the program, I’ve added >$1000 extra income from picking up extra work opportunities. This is not including the 3% raise I had from my job, as the result of me feeling more deserving and worthy for an over-due raise. Jenny helped me worked through my past hurts, childhood traumas and limiting beliefs.  I’ve also been able to implement what I’ve learned…I've gained such powerful self-healing skills—to live my life. I am SO GRATEFUL, I found Jenny’s program and took the leap of faith to join. My before and after transformation, as you can see is just priceless.  That’s why I’m recommending Jenny’s program to my friends.”


~Yudis, USA


How do I know I can help you heal?

Because I know what it’s like to struggle to heal.

Here are some of the issues I transformed on my own healing journey:

Relationship difficulties

I had difficulties with my siblings, my mom and occasionally my husband. I was triggered left and right by those around me--it was all a mess and I was afraid it would never get better!

Limiting beliefs & No intuition

For the longest time, I thought I was broken. I felt abandoned, not supported by God/Source, not good enough, in a constant state of lack and scarcity. I thought everyone else had intuition but me.

Procrastination and low energy

OMG, if there’s an award for procrastination, I probably would have won it. I don’t know how I made it through nursing school and my graduate program. On top of that, I felt like I could sleep “forever”--for a 100 years like Rip Van Winkle--and this was in my early 20s. I was so tired and exhausted, most of the time all I wanted to do was sleep.

Low sex drive

This is a bit embarrassing, but I realized I had low sex drive in my 20s. Ironically, I was working in OB/GYN at the time, but I was unable to help myself despite all of my medical knowledge. I endured this problem for 10 years with my husband. I was so frustrated with my sex life that at times I thought, “what’s the point of being intimate?”

I yearned to make a real impact in the world

I became dissatisfied with the impact I was making as an advanced nurse practitioner when I realized I was only treating my patient’s symptoms and not getting to the root-causes of their problems. There was a yearning within me to do something more.

Living paycheck to paycheck

I wanted to have financial freedom and live the American dream but even with a great career and income as a nurse practitioner, I was living paycheck to paycheck. This was while I was working 2 jobs. Hoping to become more financially stable and take care of my family, I started several businesses and ended up in loads of debt due to failed business ventures. Eventually I had to declare bankruptcy. I had to do a lot of healing around this trauma because of all my shame and guilt.

Past Hurts, Traumas and Wounded Self

Growing up I was spanked repeatedly by my teachers in front of class for not knowing my schoolwork. When my family moved to the USA, I made fun of by other kids for my broken English. During my nursing career I developed anxiety and panic attacks. I even suffered some emotional traumas from spiritual teachers.

Please reload

After my breakthrough, I was able to resolve these issues and more.

I can then clearly see how my unhealed past hurts, traumas and wounded self, created these limiting experiences that affected all areas of my life--the present and future--playing out like the “script of my life.”


It wasn’t until I fully addressed and worked through the root causes of my problems, that I was able to free myself from these challenges.

My Breakthrough...

After years of diligent inner work--investing in myself--working with many programs, healers and spiritual teachers, my problems improved... but not to the degree that I had hoped.


It wasn’t until I went deep into my own healing work and realigned my energies to Creator’s Perspective, that I experienced massive breakthroughs and healing

Not only was I able to free my wounded self and overcome my stubborn limiting
beliefs, past hurts and traumas, but I realized I was able to support those who were
willing and ready to do the same.

Now I can help you reach breakthroughs of your own in a short period of time. Every day, I help clients who often have worse past hurts, pains, traumas and limiting beliefs than I have had, to successfully overcome their difficulties.

I am blessed to be like an “energetic family doctor,” using my unique healing abilities to support others through whatever challenges they are facing. Whether you struggle with Abundance, Health, Love-Relationships, Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Gifts or Purpose, "Wounded Self" Healing (Inner Child, Younger Aspect & Past Life)--even Entity Clearing--you don’t need to go to 5+ different healers. I can provide healing support in all areas!

How I do healing

I’ll do my best to share with you how I do healing…as I feel sometimes words can’t do justice to describe the entire healing process--best when you can directly experience the healing. My huge gift as a transformational healer and coach, is to quickly support you to come into your authentic alignment and unlock your potential.


I’m blessed with the support of my HUGE God team, I'm able to be the catalyst to raise your God team support, increase your ability to powerfully connect to your Divine essence and heal to the root of your problems. I'm also blessed that I have this huge gift to "get out of my way", which makes my healing work crazy fast and effective.


Together, with my intuitive abilities and my Quantum Healing process with the God Team, and your body’s intelligence to guide us through the healing process. Raising your vibrations, aligning your energies to the Divine’s Perspectives--where you can be at the space to let go what’s not serving you and to bring forth what is for your Highest Good, at an accelerated pace. You then will be able to quickly connect to your Heart's knowing, be fully present and let go of your resistance, and be connected to your Higher Self--where massive negative, stubborn limiting “gunk” energies can be transformed and healed.  


I’m able to guide, support and give live feedbacks to further help you break through your blocks, resistance or fears you may have when it comes to healing. Especially when healing of your "wounded self", past hurts, traumas, pains and limiting beliefs--no matter where they originated from. Like having a skilled Spiritual Midwife to coach you through your healing process, you will come out on the other side feeling free, empowered and without re-living any traumas or dramas. Actually, it can be FUN and you will feel great by the time you leave my coaching & healing sessions. And the best part, you are receiving healing. Yeah!


Also through the gift of my unique “Light Language”--a high vibrational form of sound healing which is the language of the Soul/Spirit—quickly bypass the thinking mind and connect with your heart-knowing. This combination, further opens up your intuitive knowing and connects you to your Divine guidance to support you in your healing.


After I was shown this unique and powerful way to exponentially facilitate healing and transformation, like a GPS roadmap, I have helped over a thousand clients realign their energies to Creator’s Perspective to “Abundance Living”. Together, we improved and healed their levels of Self-Worth, Self-Love, Forgiveness of Self and Others, and more.


Once you fully embody these energies, then you can start have tipping points of abundance flow in your life including love, health, finances, intuition and guidance.


With your readiness and commitment, I'm 100% confident that I can support you to build that strong foundation so that you can start moving forward to live your dreams!

Some of the Problems I’ve helped my clients overcome

 ➤ Clarity, Intuition and Guidance Issues

 ➤ Chronic Pain and Health Problems

 Financial Challenges

 ➤ Finding a Soulmate/Getting Married

 ➤ Divorce/Separation

 ➤  Neglect and Sexual Abuse

 Healing from regrets or missed opportunities

 ➤ Loads of Childhood and Past Life Traumas

~Samantha, The Netherlands

             All the pieces of myself, scattered through time, came back to me.
I felt whole and free and powerful. I trust my intuition.

“Jenny has helped me tremendously. I am a different person after Jenny’s Dare to Live Your Dream Coaching & Healing Intensive. I was unhappy and can't wait to move forward in my life. Now, I'm able to experience more deep peace and trust my intuition. Jenny is so authentic and caring, and supported me and others to work through—the deep past hurts, pains, traumas and limiting beliefs.


In a coaching session, Jenny guided me through a wounded self healing…I was feeling not valued and being taken advantage of at work, and to our surprise…I went deep into a past life Egyptian time where I was the slave owner—really mistreating people and since had been punishing myself.


I felt as if all the pieces of myself, scattered in all these people through time, came back to me. I felt whole and free and powerful. Throughout the program, I’ve worked through many past hurts and traumas in my childhood and in my adulthood.  Jenny’s amazing gift to support me through my gunk and align me to Creator’s perspective to deeply experience calm, peace and love—our true essence. I’m so grateful for all the transformations thus far, what else is possible for me!”

My 6 Weeks
Coaching & Healing Intensive


...a fast, effective, uniquely designed
road map to help you close the gap from
where you are, to where you want to be faster.

Here’s how my program is more effective and different

Attend weekly LIVE Coaching & Healing Sessions, 2 Hours Each, where you will receive individual and group attention. In these sessions we will work through WHATEVER issues come up for you, leaving you feeling supported, connected, empowered, and REALLY GOOD!
Achieve deeper, faster transformation while attending other group member’s clearing and healing sessions, which allow you to receive laser-beam-like healing from all angles.


Feel comfortable in intimate, supportive healing groups with no more than 20 highly committed, Divinely orchestrated participants.


Experience multi-dimensional healing that moves you through layers of emotional, physical and energetic gunk from this lifetime and other lifetimes. 


Gain transformational tools so you can start your own self-healing.


Strengthen your intuition, gain confidence and clarity, and find your higher purpose. 


Raise your levels of “Abundance Living” Key Essentials so you can have your own GPS roadmap--to build upon this strong foundation to start living your dreams.

What To Expect From My

Coaching & Healing Intensive...

Course Outline

Vital Steps To Transformation

Week 1

The Direct Path To Healing

Week 2

Transmuting limiting beliefs, stories and subconscious blocks

Week 3

Healing past hurts, traumas, pain and other sufferings

  • Continue to clear past hurts, traumas, abuses, regrets and addictions.

  • Powerfully let go of the past by celebrating you in the now.

  • Take charge of your life--know that you have the power to create and transform your life--unlocking more of your potential. 

Week 4

Week 5

Aligning yourself to Creator’s perspective

  • Connect to your Higher Self and energetically re-align to the Divine’s Perspective.

  • Increase Self Worth, Self Love, Forgiveness of Self, Forgiveness of Others, and more.

  • Heal and integrate your “Wounded-Self:” Inner Child--Younger Aspect--Past Life, through guided healing.

Week 6

Abundance Living Awaits You

  • How to quickly, energetically align and manifest more of your dreams.

  • Come into alignment with your “Abundance Living” GPS roadmap, allowing abundance to flow through you.

  • Strengthen your intuitive abilities, increase your confidence, and trust in your inner guidance.

  • A welcoming overview of your 6-week healing journey with Jenny.

  • Map your Healing and Transformational journey.

  • Learn to make vital mindset-perspective shifts to healing.

  • Raise your vibrations & increase your ability to receive Divine guidance and support.

  • Discover & implement the “Direct Path To Healing” essentials that the vast majority of people, including healers, have difficulties with.

  • Work with divine guidance, your body’s intelligence, and my intuitive knowing to support your healing process.

  • Use Light Language healing to clear lower vibrational energies so you can realign with your healing path--increased self worth & self love.

  • Energetically let go of limiting beliefs, stories and experiences.

  • Quickly release negative triggers, doubts and fears to overcome internal resistance to healing.

  • Tricks and tips to STOP limiting stories and beliefs.


Quantum Healing Membership (for 2 months)

Get continued support from Jenny:


  • 2 Interactive Livestreams per month 

  • 1 Live group Q & A call per month

  • 14 days-out-of-the-month, Remote Healing transmissions to heal 3 issues of your choice.

  • Access to my Healing Library with energy infused videos on a variety of healing topics.

    I’ve taken over 30 prescriptions medications and nothing made a dent in my healing process. I started to shift with your Coaching program.

“Jenny gave me the GPS roadmap to realign myself to Creator’s Perspective. I’m so grateful I took the leap of faith to work with Jenny in her "Dare to Live Your Dream” coaching & healing program. I experienced tremendous abuse and child neglect growing up, in addition to those in my marriage. I have chronic and massive physical symptoms and pains all over my body for at least 10 years. I had severe heart pounding, shortness of breath and my legs were edematous. At times, I literally have difficulty breathing and unable to walk, due to severe throat and chest constrictions, legs stiffness and pains. I’ve taken over 30 prescriptions medications and nothing made a dent in my healing process. I tried everything, doctors and medications couldn’t helped me and other healers were only able to temporarily help with my symptoms.  I started to shift with your Coaching program. My problems are energetic.


The healing transformations I received working with Jenny is permanent, life altering and miraculous. Just priceless. Not only Jenny helped clear/heal the majority of the “gunk” I got to the root-causes but also helped me to be able to do this for myself and get results.  She helped me learned to be present, in the body, let go of my own internal resistance to healing, forgive myself and others, embody my worth and self-love, and broke through my fears of being seen and heard. My trust in Jenny allowed me to be fearless in being seen. I am able to feel the unconditional love and presence of God. I feel liberated, connected, confident, my intuition is strengthened and amplified as if I got my own internal GPS. Jenny’s ability to help guide and support me in healing my deep traumas, pains, and its limiting beliefs, even those that I experienced in past lives are a true testament of what an amazing and immensely gifted coach and healer you are. Thank you to the moon and back. I highly recommend Jenny’s coaching & healing program. Jenny is caring, compassionate and gifted at what she does.


The training video modules…I could feel the healing energies, energetic adjustments and shifts. Her live coaching & healing sessions are one-of-a-kind awesome. No matter what I or others were going through, we feel better right away. I am able to greatly benefit from all the other’s participants clearing and healing in this small coaching group and others expressed the same. I also can continue this healing process that I learned from Jenny and use it wherever I am to help myself. I very much looked forward to all the coaching/healing sessions, because I feel amazing and receive so much…words can’t describe this, priceless.”

~ Iman, Pharmacist, USA

Join in my 6 Weeks Coaching & Healing Program, NOW!

And to Assist Your Healing even further…

Daily, I energetically work through your healing & transformation list, to further support your energetic alignment to Creator’s Perspective “Abundance Living.” With the help of this bonus remote healing once your energies are fine tuned, you will able to let go of limiting beliefs, past hurts, traumas and unforgiveness faster than ever before.

Here is what’s Possible for You when You Dare to Live Your Dream...

Starting to break from limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck

and  afraid; feelings of being “not good enough,” unworthy, unloved, unsupported, self- blaming, betrayed and abandoned.

You will feel empowered and connected…able to free yourself more and more from past hurts, traumas and physical/emotional pain.

You will feel more free to be your true authentic self, allowing you more control over

how you feel and respond to life’s circumstances.

Tendencies of inadequacy and insecurity will be able to be healed more and more--as you aligned your energies to that of the Divine.

You will step into your greatness, power and purpose--experiencing opportunities

that you never imagined were possible. 

Finally, you can live the life you always imagined faster.

This program is right for you if:

You know you want more out of life.

You are willing to address whatever’s in the way of more lasting breakthrough.

You are excited to commit to six weeks of deep transformational healing.

You believe that change is possible.

You know that accepting total responsibility for yourself is key to unlocking your

full potential.

You’ve done what you can on your own--now you’re ready for guidance to get to

a higher level.

You dare to live your dream

You are looking for a magic wand or quick fix.

You don't need help or think you can do it alone.

You don't believe you can heal or get better.

You choose to place blame versus accept responsibility for your life.

You prefer to stay in your safety zone, rather than LIVE your life.

You are unwilling to step out of fear and take a leap of faith into possibility.

This program is NOT for you if:

Dare to Live Your Dream
   with Jenny Ngo

Yes! I Dare to Live my Dream!
Join my Healing Program, NOW

Join Me in my 6 Weeks

Coaching & Healing Intensive,

Designed to give you the healing roadmap to FREE your inner child, put past hurts, traumas and limiting beliefs behind you, so you can truly live the life you love!


I literally took a leap of faith when I joined Jenny's Coaching & Healing Intensive because before attending, I didn't have any previous experience with Jenny's work. I had gone through some tough times in the past few years before I found her program, including a breakup and the loss of a job that was very traumatic. I had been feeling stuck for 3 years straight. I was mired in situations that I knew I needed to do something about but felt helpless to deal with. Working through Jenny's unique program shifted things inside of me.


Once I took Jenny's Intensive, I gained more clarity, experienced more trust in myself and felt more spiritually connected. I was able to let go of a lot of stored emotional pain and past regrets, which allowed me to make shifts in areas of my life that I had previously felt too overwhelmed or helpless to confront.


I was also able to reverse my emotional eating habits--I had been using food to comfort myself and to escape from painful emotions, but during Jenny's program I started eating healthier and was able to change my eating patterns. I also found the courage to finally listen to my heart and break free from a 6-year relationship with a mentor that was no longer serving me.


I had many other incredible experiences as well. On one of the Intensive's coaching calls, I felt my 3rd eye opening up, and since then I have felt more intuitively connected. On another call, I showed up feeling a "mess" but with Jenny's loving and skillful healing support I was able to move through it; In no time at all, I felt so much better.  Now I use what Jenny taught me to stay present--to be okay with what is...and move through life with greater ease.


Since taking Jenny's amazing program, my personal relationships have improved, I have found true love, and have had breakthroughs in my personal and professional life which led me to take more constructive action than I had thought possible. I feel more in alignment with my purpose and my passion than ever before. I also feel much lighter in body and spirit! Many opportunities are opening up for me now... I even got a call from my agent for an audition out of the blue--which hadn't happened in quite awhile, and have continued to put myself into the world as an artist after having withdrawn from taking risks with my art for a long time.


If you are looking to change your life in any area, I highly recommend Jenny's Dare to Live Your Dream program! Jenny is a source of bright light in a dark sea of uncertainty. She has healing abilities that are truly miraculous; thank you, Jenny!

~Juniper Hiltz, USA

  Found true love. Reversed emotional eating… and breakthroughs in my personal and professional life!



“For the past 2-3 years, on a regular basis my entire hip was so painful that I couldn’t move much, going to work and living was a daily struggle.  A few times, I thought I might become paralyzed.  It was like screaming pain 10/10 and if goes down then maybe to 8 or 9 level.  I tried so many different therapies including pain medications and energy healing and nothing helped permanently.  I worked with Jenny in her coaching intensive program, and in 1.5 weeks, the pain was gone.  I couldn’t believe it.


Jenny helped me further come into my alignment to Creator’s Perspective to abundance living and I noticed so much improvements.  I'm so much happier now and my connection to the Divine is so strong now that I know and trust more great things will come to me.  My difficult work situation has improved so much, the client that I give private nursing duty to and their family is treating me so much better.  They now said they are so grateful to have found me in this lifetime.  I couldn’t believe my ears, this is night-day difference!  


I have been on this Spiritual path and doing diligent inner work for the past 20 years. And before this pain miracle, Jenny also helped me upgrade my point of reference regarding money earned.  My whole life, $50,000 per year was my top salary.  I worked with Jenny and NOW my salary doubled unexpectedly. I am so very grateful to her.” 

   I am happy. No more debilitating pain. Salary doubled to $100,000.

~Nora, USA

Regular Investment: $1497

Today's Investment: $997








 Free My Inner Child


“Jenny, I would like to share with you the breakthroughs I had your Coaching & Healing Intensive… I learned to be in the Heart’s space, in the body, and let go of my own resistance. I was able to worked through limiting beliefs and deep traumas growing up and even past lives. I’m now more confident, able to trust my intuition/guidance. I received clarity around what I really want to do. I got the courage to step through my fears and resistance of “being out there”, I started a facebook group to share with others and growing my tribe.


Jenny’s healing support and guidance, helped me work through my list of challenges. I realized I have the power to co-create and transform my life and helping others. And it starts with me and working through my gunks as Jenny would say.


On one of the coaching session, Jenny helped me free my inner child where she was hurt. And soon after this session, my little son was able to be not as clingy to me. It’s as if my son was just like my inner child, and when I healed that part of me, he’s also free to be who he is. This plus more has been an eye opener for me. I’ve been recommending Jenny’s coaching & healing intensive to my friends.”


~Jasmin, USA



“You are beyond a gifted healer and coach, but a fabulous mentor as well!!! I’m very grateful for the support and guidance in healing of my deep past hurts and traumas including many unspeakable traumas in past lives. Also, I feel more confident in speaking Light Language, channeling, and automatic writing, thanks to you!!! I am really trusting and I am letting go to come into alignment of Creator’s Perspective much easily now! Which allowed me to serve at a greater capacity. I’ve been recommending this coaching & healing programs to my friends.”

Healed my deep past hurts and traumas...allowed me to serve at a greater capacity.

~Jill Summers, energy healer, USA



“It has been a month and a half since I completed the “Dare to Live Your Dream” coaching program with Jenny Thao Ngo. I deliberately wanted to wait a while before writing a testimonial in order to avoid basing it purely on euphoric state that is often present right after transformational seminars, and more often than not dissipates with time. 


Jenny is great at holding the group energy together, leading the calls and together with her magnanimous God Team clearing the deep-rooted gunk…Being in this presence of expansiveness and high vibration is a wonderful experience and I could feel how the negative emotions associated with whatever I was going through at the moment were dissipating right then and there. It is also worthy to note that Jenny made sure to address everyone’s issues, even if it went over the allotted time, and everyone was left in a much better state of mind at the end of the calls.


Real life changes can be observed…I continue to trust the process and work with my God Team, who Jenny helped me get in touch with, to further my personal development and improve the overall quality of my life. 


One of my biggest goals of this program was to learn to trust my intuition and develop clearer communication with the divine and I am happy to report that the accuracy of my muscle testing improved and I started getting clearer intuitive guidance that I can trust.”

Real life changes can be observed…

~ V.T., USA



“I was married for over 20 yrs. In my marriage, I’ve experienced lots of hurts and abuses. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of healing work around forgiveness, there are still some work here. As Jenny took the group and me through the Forgiveness healing journey, I wanted to work on forgiving my ex-husband. Then to my surprise, he was energetically side-by-side me, with his arms around my shoulders. In this moment, I felt as if whatever hurts and traumas I’ve been through, were no longer there! Now, I feel I have truly forgiven him. And filled up with so much love and support. Thank you Jenny!”


Whatever hurts and traumas I’ve been through,were no longer there! I have truly forgiven my ex-husband.

~Vivienne H., Australia


“I been experiencing pain in both of my shoulders, I nearly can't lift my arms up. Making it very difficult to do my job as a housekeeper. Today, right before the group coaching & healing call, it was an 8 out of 10. Then as Jenny worked on me and supporting me to let go the energetic burden or gunk I was holding onto, it went completely away. Wow! Thank you so much Jenny!”


My pain was completely gone!

~Y. F., USA

  • When does the program start?
    Seats are limited. Class is starting up. You will receive an email of more details regarding this 6 weeks Coaching & Healing Intensive. Email for further questions.
  • What times are the LIVE coaching & healing sessions?
    Coaching & healing sessions are on Wednesdays. You will receive an email of more details regarding this 6 weeks Coaching & Healing Intensive. Email for further questions.
  • Is the LIVE coaching & healing session recorded?
    YES! These sessions are recorded with healing energies. You can watch or re-watch anytime that’s convenient for you. You also have lifetime access to these recordings.
  • Is the weekly training modules (materials) recorded?
    YES! These weekly training videos are pre-recorded with healing energies to support you in healing. Therefore, you can watch anytime that’s convenient for you. You also have lifetime access to these weekly trainings.
  • Can I make up my coaching & healing session if I can’t attend live?
    YES! You can make up your coaching & healing session if you can not attend live. We understand that you might have prior scheduled events or obligations, just let us know in advance so we can arrange make up date(s).
  • Which platform is used for the live coaching/healing session?
    We will be using Zoom (video/audio/phone conference). It’s free for participants. You will get all the details how to use Zoom.
  • What if I can only come to part of coaching call instead of the full 2 hours? Or these coaching times are not good for me…
    Great question! If you can only come to part of the live coaching calls, then you will still be able to participate. You can send in your healing areas for us to focus on and your questions prior to the call. Then, you just listen to the replay of the remaining time that you’ve missed to get all the healing energies that came forth during the call. Coaching clients LOVE the healing sessions so much that they do everything in their power not to missed it. Many clients set their intention as they took the leap of faith to join and somehow their work schedule ended up working out in their favor! Like they were able to take a longer lunch break, leave early from work, switch their work/off days around, got childcare help,etc. This is a big sign from the Universe that you are coming into alignment. Remember this, “your intention + energetic alignment + taking inspired actions = Manifestations.” Plus, I have global clients in 4+ continents with various schedule…work and family responsibilities, and are able to make this Coaching & Healing Intensive work for them. For example, clients from Asia and Australia, who were excited to wake up early in the am or stay up late. Many coaching clients worked full-time, some worked full time and also went to school, and a few worked even 7 days a week. Honestly, it does boils down to how bad we really want something? If we want something bad enough, we will find a way and we make it work (my kids remind me of this almost everyday). If there’s a will, there’s a I like to say. From this space, you can overcome any initial resistance, even excuses and opening to the excitement/possibilities of much needed healing. You can email to see if there are other possible times that Jenny might be holding this program.
  • How is this 6 Weeks Coaching & Healing Intensive different from private 1-1 session and other services with Jenny?
    This coaching & healing intensive and other coaching programs of 6 and 12 months, are the HIGHEST level of support. As you can see in this program training modules, there are a lot of healing grounds we are covering plus the deep healing, support and guidance you will get in the weekly coaching/healing sessions with me. As you watch the training videos which has energies infused, which support you in working through what you can on your own. THEN, when you come to the weekly coaching & healing sessions, I’ll be able to support you further in working. through whatever is still left or something else that is an issue that came up. Again, I’m able to take folks through deeper healing like “wounded self” healing processes, when you can be in the place of trusting your intuition, fully connected in the body, in the Heart’s space, and let go of your resistance to your own healing. For the majority of people, this is something they really struggle with including healers and the vast majority of my coaching clients in the first 1-2 weeks. The live feedbacks that I’m able to share with you as I support and guide you to this place, where you will be able to drop into this space quickly—are very important. Then from here, we can really work through and penetrating through the deep layers of stubborn gunk energies we have around our issues. Even though my private 1-1 sessions are effective and powerful, but might not be enough. I find consistently working through our issues are more effective than having a few sessions here and there especially when you don't have the healing foundations. You can really lose momentum, focus and clarity. Plus the accountability, structure and support that you’ll have in my coaching & healing intensive—are also vital to your healing success.
  • How is the LIVE Group Coaching & Healing Intensive calls different from your monthly Q & A call in the Remote Healing membership?
    Again, my Coaching & Healing programs are the highest level of support. These coaching & healing sessions with a small group of highly committed--divinely orchestrated, combined with the state of the art healing, support and guidance…really take your healing experiences to the NEXT level. I can go deeper and further with you like working through "wounded self" healing in your childhood and/or even past life. Remember, you will be getting weekly training modules to energetically prep you, to take you deeper into the healing, and to work through as much as possible during the week. Then when you come to these coaching sessions, I’ll be able to support you moving through more. You can achieve deeper, faster transformation while attending other participants' clearing and healing sessions, which allow you to receive laser-beam-like healing from all angles. Plus you got 2 hours of deep, transformative healing as you are being in the space to receive and let go what’s not serving you. Monthly Q & A calls are 1 hour. Like I’ve mentioned before, many people energetically struggle with being in the Heart’s space and even putting up lots of resistance to the very thing they desire. Having the live feedbacks and skillful support to help you move past the deep stubborn gunks or traumas is so vital because naturally there will be huge energetic resistance coming up to be transformed. Also, I’m able to take you deeper in these coaching calls, then if I was working with you in the monthly Q & A…for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Jenny, do you think you can help me? I've been sick and/or stuck for a long time and have tried almost everything, and nothing has worked at the level I’ve hoped for. "
    Kudos to you for looking into this transformative opportunity. All the works you have done, got you to where you are now to receive this information and possibility of massive healing transformations. Just like I’ve shared, many of my clients tried all kinds of therapies, from conventional to unconventional including energy healing works. From my experiences working with over a thousand of clients, they are missing the deep energetic alignment, perspective shifts, and embodiment of Creator’s Perspective—that are so vital to their healing success. Plus, they also got lots of limiting beliefs that actually cancel out the very thing they really want. Hence they weren’t able to penetrate deep into the root causes of their issues. I can support you moving forward as long as you are ready and committed to your healing process. Just imagine, what if you are able to have even 50% improvements…would it be worth it? I can help you move through the deep healing that is necessary for you to transform limiting patterns like “I can’t heal, it’s not possible for me, it’s not going to work”. As you can see, as long you have these beliefs, you will “never” be able to heal—kinda like almost impossible. So the question is, are you ready and willing to work through letting go those things that are not serving you so you can start building this strong foundation to really live your life? If NO, then you can count on “no one can help you” even God/Source. If YES, I can help you.
  • What to do? I’m confused…there’s a part of me that is excited to do this program and have doubts…
    This is a common experience many coaching clients have before they took the leap of faith to “just do it”. The part of you that is EXCITED…THIS is your intuition/higher guidance. The other parts of you that is having doubts, maybe some resistance and even fears…this is your "limited self” talking--that has been keeping you safe, in your comfort zone and also stuck. When transformational opportunity like this presented to you, this part of you that wanted to keep you where you are…this voice will be very loud. Most people confused this with their intuition, "I shouldn’t do this." BUT when you decide and commit to move forward, it will quiet down and your inner guidance will kick in “tipping the scale over” to help you know and trust more— that this is the right next step for you. It’s recommended that you get yourself in a calm and peaceful space like when you are meditating, etc then from this space, ask yourself and your higher guidance, is this program for me? People who are able to connect more with their intuition, will be able to make this decision like “I want to do this”, “This is the answer to my prayers”,etc. If you are still in the “muddy puddle”, I can help you move through this place and connect more with your intuition (as you have less gunk), but you got to take this “leap of faith”. Otherwise, we are going to be in the same place where we are now.
  • Can Jenny guarantee my results in this program?
    Honestly, no one can guarantee this… Just like if we keep doing the same thing over and over again that is NOT working and we expect a different result, THEN we will be guaranteed to have the SAME outcome. With this being said, with your 100% commitment and readiness, then I’m 100% confident that I can support you in moving forward in your healing journey--if you are willing to take this “leap of faith” as many others have done.
  • What if I really want do this program but I can’t afford it?
    Kudos to you for wanting to change and do this program. May I share re the piece “I can’t afford it”? I would suggest to reframe to “How can I afford” instead? This apply to everything in life. I truly believe “if there’s a will, there’s always a way”. I got participants who have extremely limited income: on disability, folks living in China-extremely low exchange rate, and folks in deep debt like $20-40K in the hole and made it happen for them. They also never regret this decision. So don’t let money be the FINAL thing that determine your destiny. You have the power to change this. Ask yourself, how much it has been costing you already?How bad do I want this? If you are ready, then perhaps look into...who do I know that can invest in me? can start saving up,etc.
  • What if I still have some more questions for Jenny about this program?
    If AFTER read this entire special offer page, and you feel you still need to talk to me or my team to answer some lingering questions, so you can finalize your decision to start this Dare to Live Your Dream Coaching & Healing Intensive. Then please email We can then set up a time to talk with you (about ~15min) if your questions can not be addressed via email.

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